I began shooting more than 10 years ago in an effort to expand my interests and as a hobby. The activity of photography has opened a new way of seeing the world that I did not expect to find. Much has been written about "decisive moments" and capturing a moment that will never return. Though I seek those special "moments" as I shoot "on the street," what I am also looking for is a way to see the world that I might not have otherwise found. What I seek are images that add to the beauty or reflect the hardship and confusion that we find in the everyday world.

Whether I am shooting on the street, or capturing still life work in the studio, my goals are to capture these subjects through my appreciation of the contrasts of the world in its beauty and the hardship that we experience today.

My work is still in its early stages. I spend a good amount of time in museums and online, looking at the work of others in all mediums. My inspiration comes from how so many different people re-examine the work that has preceded theirs and how they have explored new ways of expressing themselves.

I do not yet have a particular area of photography that takes most of my time. The evolution of my art continues.

I shoot in both digital format and film. Much of the scenic work is taken in medium format using a Mamiya 645AF using both black and white and color films. These images are then scanned into my computer for any cropping and processing. I use a Nikon D2x for my digital work. My favorite camera is a Mamiya 6x7. It is great in low light situations. Though not as convenient as using a digital camera, it captures wonderful quality and is not as obvious as the digital camera when doing “street” work.

My work is part of a number of private collections in homes and offices. I had my first show in 2007

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